Jan. 2018 Happy New Year and a Pallet of GunPros going to Texas- Pine Lakes Guns and Ammo, Montgomery, TX!

Pallet of GunPros going to Montgomery, TX Pine Lake Guns and Ammo!

29 Nov 2017- Another satisfied customer, Bud writes us: “This is my second rack, I purchased one from Sportsmens Guide many years ago. I must say that it is one of the most valuable firearms accessories I own, and it is still as sturdy as the day I received it. I would like to take this time to thank you for producing such a great product.” Regards, Bud M

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Nov. 2017 Loveland, CO Foundation Pawn on E. Eisenhower Blvd. have excellent quality weapons and GunPros for sale! Merry Christmas!

Foundation Pawn, Loveland, CO. Mike has a fantastic collection of weapons! You can also buy a GunPro!

Foundation Pawn, Loveland, CO. Buy your GunPro!


26 Oct. 2017

26 Oct. 2016 Dennis Graves writes, “Just wanted to comment on how great the Gun rack worked. It preformed flawlessly in storing all the guns and I love how having the guns stored in one place was so much safer by not lying around vehicles or leaning up against something. Thanks again for a great product.” Dennis Graves

Sept 2017 Loveland, CO. Bennelli Shotgun Dealers display their new line on the GunPro! If in Loveland, CO. please visit Ace Hardware and pick up a Bennelli and a GunPro Portable Rifle Rack!

Bennelli Sale at Ace Hardware, Loveland, CO- Dealers show off your weapons on a GunPro!

September 2017- MI Department Of Wildlife Hunter Education Program gets their order of 38 GunPro’s! Great job MI– the first step in weapons safety is control of the weapon. This is MI Hunter Education programs 100th GunPro! Their goal is to have a GunPro in every class. Hunter Education Directors– you can use your credit card and PayPal invoice to purchase up to $2400 per order!

21 August 2017 38 GunPros ready to be shipped to MI DNR Hunter Education program. Great job MI in the support of safe handling of weapons. The GunPro is the perfect fit to the classroom and field for rifle storage. Safety first!

Two pallets of GunPros on their way to Hunter Education Program MI DNR. 21 Aug 2017

Sept. 2017 BG (R) Ricky “Ranger” Gibbs sends us these pictures of his new range on his TX ranch. “I love the GunPro, quality made American product that holds up to hot TX summer heat! I could have used these on the range in the Army!”

BG(R) Ricky Gibbs sends us pictures “Rich I just bought an AR and it fits perfect in the GunPro” Thanks for the pictures and note! 24 August 2017

BG(R) Ricky Gibbs sends us this picture of his GunPro on his TX ranch! Thanks for the pictures Rick!

September 2017- Adamson Police Products, Frederick, Co- John has an excellent selection of new and used weapons. See them displayed on the GunPro and buy one!

Sept 17, Adamson Police Product Fredrick, Co- get your GunPro’s

Brook Ranch Voss, TX Shoot Shack, with the GunPro center of mass! Thanks for the great picture Lisle. Safe shooting and hunting. Got to love Texas!

Brook Ranch, Voss, TX Shoot Shack! GunPro is center of mass– thanks for the pictures!