Hunter Education. Shotguns!

The GunPro is a must for Hunter Education instruction. First rule of safety is positive control of the shotgun. Teaching proper control of the shotgun instills respect. No instructor should start a class with shotguns laying all over a table with the barrels aligned in dangerous directions. Present the shotguns to the students in a safe, organized and controlled GunPro!

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Marines Keep their Weapons Clean!

Retried Marine (Col) Bob K. Colorado Springs, Co gets ready for Spring Shooting- “The GunPro is great on the range, especially at the skeet range. However, it is even better at home (when you’re challenged for space) doing monthly cleaning chores. Love it- Oorah!”    Bob K.

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Get Ready for Spring Gun Cleaning Season!

BEFORE: Is this you? Do you have this problem? Pulling out Guns from the safe to clean and they’re set out all over the place! That Pre-’64 Winchester then slides down the wall! Bye Bye perfectly zeroed scope… Then having to take a box of ammo to re-zero the scope! Don't be this guy_ Get a GunPro Portable Rifle RackDon’t be that guy!








AFTER: What right looks like… Get a GunPro Portable Rifle Rack to organize your Spring Cleaning! For the cost of a few boxes of ammo, get yourself a GunPro and never have the pre-GunPro mess! As Doug “Bulls Eye” Miller says, “Before I open my safe, I fold open my GunPro Rifle Rack and all of the oh-no’s are gone. I now have a safe and organized work space”.

Be this guy_ The GunPro Rifle Rack owner

Versatile GunPro: Not just for shooting sports

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GunPro: Portable Rifle Rack,

Today I would like to highlight one of our customers who sent in a few photos of themselves using one of our Rifle Racks.

“When I’m on fishing trips in my RV, I never leave without my GunPro.  It keeps my poles straight and always organized!” S. Skogg, Carter Lake, Colorado

GunPro: Portable Rifle Rack

GunPro: Portable Rifle Rack

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Versatile GunPro: Not just for Firearms #gonefishing

GunPro-Portable Rifle Rack, featured on KLZ 560AM Sportsman of Colorado radio show 2 May 2015

Thank you to KLZ 560AM and Scott Whatley (founder/host) of the Sportsman of Colorado radio show.  It was a pleasure meeting you, Kevin Flesch (, and Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club.  We appreciate all your support for our organization and for believing in our product.

See a video of how easy and light weight the GunPro-Portable Rifle Rack is @

or listen to the podcast @

Our GunPro-Portable Rifle Racks are: Light Weight, Durable, Versatile, Professionally Engineered and Tested, Made and Assembled in the USA… and Affordable! 


GunPro Safety Season: safe shooting

Field Test

Our GunPro- Portable Rifle Rack is a great solution for range safety.  From youth shoot shows to the Special Operations and Law Enforcement, the GunPro is the answer.  As an experienced or novice shooter, all of us can look back at a time where we or someone leaned a rifle up against a wall or vehicle or tree and ended up with a barrel full of dirt followed by a sad grumpy face.

Friends don’t let friends “prop a rifle.” And for the love of the Elk gods, don’t let this happen to you!

Order online or find the GunPro-Portable Rifle Rack at:

Jensen Arms 285 E. 29th St, Ste 5, Loveland, Co

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply 3507 E. Mulberry, Suite A, Ft. Collins, Co

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GUN PRO: The answer to safe and efficient firearms displays

Gun Pros can make your store or displays look organized and professional
the Gun Pro is perfect for firearms displays.

the Gun Pro is perfect for firearms displays.

The Gun Pro Portable Rifle Rack is perfect for your store displays or your firearms stands at gun shows, hunter/firearm safety classes, and swap meets.  Great for ranges and businesses where safe and efficient firearms displays are crucial.

MI Hunter Education Program gets a new training aid

A special Thanks to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (Hunter Education Program) for their returned business and support. It is fulfilling for us as a small family owned business to provide products (GunPro) that will be used to safely educate and groom the next generation of American Hunters and Shooters.

Hello Hunters, Shooters, and the Outdoor Sporting Community! Welcome to American Innovations, LLC!

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Welcome to American Innovations!  These are exciting times for my family and I as we have started a new business venture with American Innovations, LLC.  Please feel free to contact us and give us your feedback.