Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, Hutchinson, KS, & the Santa Rosa Police Department, CA– Go GunPro! Thanks guys- Proud to support you!!

North Ridgeville Shooting Sports Team, “Let’s make this happen” Jason Brooks Trustee, North Ridgeville, Ohio

“Rich This year we grew to over 70 new HS students, and the old wooded racks are not meeting the requirements. We saw your GunPros at other shooting meets, and the GunPro Portable Rifle Rack is exactly what we need!” Jason Brooks, Trustee. Ten GunPros on there way Jason! Proud to support-

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) moves to GunPro’s to support their Talladega, AL Marksmanship Park!

“Rich I am tired of the old broken wooden racks, we are going GunPro” Thanks Sherri Smith Shotgun Manager CMP

“I’m tired of the broken wooden racks! I’m going to put GunPros on the shotgun ranges” Sherri Smith, CMP Shotgun Manager

Bryan Police Department, Bryan, TX- “My agency needs to purchase one of your Portable GunPro Rifle Racks.”

“We need another GunPro Rifle Rack” Officer C. Owens

Connecticut Firearms Auction, Berlin, CT goes GunPro!

“I will need 10”, “We have 500 rifles and shotguns coming in, the GunPro rack is what we need” Ryan

“Rich I saw your GunPro Racks in FL, and I got to buy some” Ray Morris, Rayco Traps, Clarksville, TN

Rayco Traps, Clarksville, TN now only uses the GunPro for training and competition.

Rayco Traps, Ray Morris receives 11 GunPros to support Trap shoot training and completion.

Marian County Sportsman’s Club, Knoxville, Iowa “GOES” GunPro!

“Rich I’m tired of our wooden racks, they are to heavy, we want the GunPro Rack” Greg D

New Loveland, Co. Police Tactical Training Center goes GunPro!

Supports safe storage of Rifle Sporting and Tactical, and Shotgun

Your second GunPro is on its way! “I already have (1) and it is really a great product.” B, IL

Supports safe storage of Rifle Sporting and Tactical, and Shotgun

“We Love the GunPro” White Oak Creek Ranch, Mt. Vernon, TX RS

We love the GunPro, keeps all the weapons safe.

Twin Oak Creek Ranch, rifles safely stored.