Happy Thanksgiving

“In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.” http://www.history.com/topics/thanksgiving/history-of-thanksgiving

Each November we get together and give thanks, however many of us have forgotten or lose sight of what we are thankful for and what Thanksgiving is all about.  I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all the men and women, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who cannot spend Thanksgiving with their family and loved ones because they are serving this great nation. To all those who are away and cannot be with  us because they are fighting for our country, protecting our communities, or just providing for your families, I thank you.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  You are what makes this nation great. Happy Thanksgiving!