Mid West State Shooting Range Complex- Hold Shotguns?


I just received a call from a Mid West State Shooting Range Complex. I was asked if the GunPro can hold shotguns? Yes– 12 to be exact! Pictured in the GunPro are LC Smith 12, 16 and 20 Gauge Doubles, Winchester 12 GA Over and Under, 12 and 16 Gauge Browning Semi Autos, 12 Gauge Browning and Remington Pumps. All comfortable and working as a team! One GunPro for all your Shotguns! Sturdy– you bet, nothing is going to knock over this GunPro. The GunPro has been engineered to become more stable with the addition of more weight. Made in the USA!

GunPro and shotguns: Pump, Side by Side, Over and Under, Semi Auto.