Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts Shooting Sports goes WILD over GunPros

AI GunPro supports Denver Area Boy Scouts Shooting Sports with 40 GunPros!

BoyScouts Insignia Mat


January 2016 Denver Area Council Boy Scouts Shooting Sports NRA Certified Range Safety Officers acquired 40 GunPros to assure the 2016 Spring Range Season is a Safe Training and Educational Experience for young Scouts and volunteers. Range Safety all starts with positive control of the Firearms.

As stated by one NRA Certified Boy Scout Range Master, “I’ve owned 4 GunPro’s for the last 10 years and today I bought 2 more, I would never run a Range without them!”  No more firearms laying all over the place!

AI GunPro donated a percentage of profits to the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts Shooting Sports program after the sale, to show our appreciation for the volunteers and their efforts towards range safety and American youth.

GunProBoyScouts Delivery

Two Pallets of GunPros arrive at the Denver Boy Scouts HQ

GunPro Handoff

“I would never run a range without first setting up my GunPros”


Excited to be the proud owner of a brand new GunPro!


Forty GunPros going to support safe shooting sponsored by the Denver Area Council Boy Scouts Shooting Sports Program!

GunPro-Portable Rifle Rack, featured on KLZ 560AM Sportsman of Colorado radio show 2 May 2015

Thank you to KLZ 560AM and Scott Whatley (founder/host) of the Sportsman of Colorado radio show.  It was a pleasure meeting you, Kevin Flesch (, and Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club.  We appreciate all your support for our organization and for believing in our product.

See a video of how easy and light weight the GunPro-Portable Rifle Rack is @

or listen to the podcast @

Our GunPro-Portable Rifle Racks are: Light Weight, Durable, Versatile, Professionally Engineered and Tested, Made and Assembled in the USA… and Affordable! 


GUN PRO: Important Cleaning Instructions!

The following information provides important cleaning instructions for the GUN PRO Portable Rifle Rack:

1) Grab a hose

2) Start spraying!

Thats it… Our products are made of durable, high density, polyethaline plastic material, which makes our products quick and easy to Clean!

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GUN PRO: The answer to safe and efficient firearms displays

Gun Pros can make your store or displays look organized and professional
the Gun Pro is perfect for firearms displays.

the Gun Pro is perfect for firearms displays.

The Gun Pro Portable Rifle Rack is perfect for your store displays or your firearms stands at gun shows, hunter/firearm safety classes, and swap meets.  Great for ranges and businesses where safe and efficient firearms displays are crucial.

Welcome to the New Year, Lets talk Gun Pro’s!

We have received a lot of great feedback and new questions from our customers coming into the new year.

Pete-Kirkwood, MO: “I came across your gun rack while Googling “portable gun rack” or “portable gun stand”. It seemed to fit the bill, so I ordered it. I received it in good condition and am very happy with its design and construction, I would not hesitate to recommend it to other shooters.”

Customer-Bellvue, CO: “I heard about American Innovations, LLC and the Gun Pro through Google when I was looking for a portable rifle rack. I am very satisfied with the Gun Pro.  It’s a very sturdy and reliable product.   The durable plastic won’t warp, crack, or stain like some of the wooden rifle racks I’ve owned. Great Product!”

Thank you for all the great comments, but one of the concerns that has been brought to our attention is…    “What about tactical weapon systems and scopes, do they fit on the Gun Pro?” 

Let me do my best by answering this for some of you.  We put the GunPro to the test with an arsenal compiled from family, friends, friends of friends, and anyone we knew who might have a unique firearm that hadn’t been tested.  Now… I said I would answer this question for some of you.  Obviously we don’t have the means to test every scope or type variation with tactical and non tactical firearms but the following is a result of our “fit test” with tactical and tactical type firearms:

*Standard Rock River Arms LAR-15 with carrying handle= Confirmed fit

*Rock River Arms LAR-15 with EO Tech holograph and Aim Point red dot= Confirmed fit

*Colt/FN Herstal AR-15 with EO Tech= Confirmed fit

*Benelli M4 12 gauge= Confirmed fit

*AK47 with paratrooper stock= Confirmed fit

*SKS= Confirmed fit

*Sig Sauer 522= Confirmed fit

*Teka T3 (Leopold 3×9 scope)= Confirmed fit

*Remington 870 Express Mag= Confirmed fit

I hope this answered the question for most of you. The Gun Pros design was intended for hunters, shooters, and military use alike.  Thanks again for all the great feedback and we hope to hear more in the future.  Feel free to post your comments on or email us directly at

MI Hunter Education Program gets a new training aid

A special Thanks to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (Hunter Education Program) for their returned business and support. It is fulfilling for us as a small family owned business to provide products (GunPro) that will be used to safely educate and groom the next generation of American Hunters and Shooters.

GunPro Rifle Rack

GunPro at the Range: Great Guns Shooting Range, Nunn, Colorado

What a great company to be a part of.  We shoot firearms, advertise, and test our products… All part of a days work.  Having the opportunity to do what you love each day……PRICELESS

Hello Hunters, Shooters, and the Outdoor Sporting Community! Welcome to American Innovations, LLC!

American Innovations Logo

Welcome to American Innovations!  These are exciting times for my family and I as we have started a new business venture with American Innovations, LLC.  Please feel free to contact us and give us your feedback.