Hunter Education. Shotguns!

The GunPro is a must for Hunter Education instruction. First rule of safety is positive control of the shotgun. Teaching proper control of the shotgun instills respect. No instructor should start a class with shotguns laying all over a table with the barrels aligned in dangerous directions. Present the shotguns to the students in a safe, organized and controlled GunPro!

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GunPro-Portable Rifle Rack, featured on KLZ 560AM Sportsman of Colorado radio show 2 May 2015

Thank you to KLZ 560AM and Scott Whatley (founder/host) of the Sportsman of Colorado radio show.  It was a pleasure meeting you, Kevin Flesch (, and Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club.  We appreciate all your support for our organization and for believing in our product.

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Our GunPro-Portable Rifle Racks are: Light Weight, Durable, Versatile, Professionally Engineered and Tested, Made and Assembled in the USA… and Affordable!