President George W. Bush receives our GunPro Portable Rifle Rack

I received a letter the other day from the former President of the United States, George W. Bush after sending him one of our GunPro Portable Rifle Racks. It feels great to have such an influential figure show his support for Veterans and take the time to respond and send such kind words. I couldn’t be prouder of our company and our product. We hope to see some photos of G.W. using our rifle rack on the ranch. God Bless America! #americaninnovations #gunproriflerack #portableriflerack #gunrack #safeshooting

GunPro Portable Rifle Rack

President George W. Bush receives a GunPro Portable Rifle Rack

MI Hunter Education Program gets a new training aid

A special Thanks to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (Hunter Education Program) for their returned business and support. It is fulfilling for us as a small family owned business to provide products (GunPro) that will be used to safely educate and groom the next generation of American Hunters and Shooters.