GunPro Safety Season: safe shooting

Field Test

Our GunPro- Portable Rifle Rack is a great solution for range safety.  From youth shoot shows to the Special Operations and Law Enforcement, the GunPro is the answer.  As an experienced or novice shooter, all of us can look back at a time where we or someone leaned a rifle up against a wall or vehicle or tree and ended up with a barrel full of dirt followed by a sad grumpy face.

Friends don’t let friends “prop a rifle.” And for the love of the Elk gods, don’t let this happen to you!

Order online or find the GunPro-Portable Rifle Rack at:

Jensen Arms 285 E. 29th St, Ste 5, Loveland, Co

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply 3507 E. Mulberry, Suite A, Ft. Collins, Co