GunPro Technical Specifications

A True “ALL WEATHER” Gun Rack!

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GunPro Rifle Rack

  • Gun Metal Black Finish
  • High Density, injection molded, polyethylene plastic
  • Dimensions: 24”x 36.5”, stands 35” tall when fully extended, 33.5” width at the base when fully extended.
  • Weighs under 14 lbs.
  • Barrel grooves are offset to prevent damage to firearms
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Hot and cold weather polymers added for all weather stability.
  • Handy built in storage shelf
  • Safely stores up to 12 firearms: Shotguns, Tactical, Bolt, Semi Auto… see Gallery and Blog for customer comments and various weapons
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transport
  • Professionally engineered and tested for strength, durability, and quality
  • Side ribs provide rigidity to the structure as well as provide slots to accept firearms with or without scopes, in an upright and slightly angled position.
  • Center shelf snaps firmly in place when fully extended for added stability.
  • Center shelf assembly also serves to strengthen the rack and provide a positive locking mechanism to provide stability.
  • Center shelf provides a convenient storage location for small arms, ammunition, range kits, etc.
  • Recommended 20lb capacity on the center shelf assembly.
  • Center shelf assembly tested up to 40lbs 

GunPro Portable Rifle Rack

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Over the years we have had a number of questions come from our customers. Below are the most common questions and their answers. 

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Yes 100%! The GunPro was USA military Veteran designed, engineered, and manufactured in Denver, CO. I QC every GunPro before it is boxed separately, or placed on a pallet. AI is a small family business with no corporate aggressive profit margins and focused outsourcing. The GunPro is even shipped (UPS or FedEx) by USA vendors! There is zero outsourcing of the GunPro. Even the box that the GunPro is shipped in is recycled USA cardboard! The GunPro is about as “All American” as you can get! Both my son and I are service disabled veterans. We are very proud of our product and will not compromise quality and the honor of “Made in the USA” for increased outsourcing profits. 100% of the GunPro’s costing model are US Dollars that stay in the USA!

Very durable! The GunPro is a high impact plastic polymer injection mold construction. It has a cold and hot weather polymer that make the GunPro solid in very hot weather (will not get soft and melt) and will not crack under very cold weather. We have many testimonials from past customers that have owned a GunPro for over 14 years of continuous service (see Blog). The GunPro gun barrel black color also has an ultraviolet light inhibiter. This inhibiter will successfully negate the sunshine from bleaching the GunPro. Hot AZ sun will not cause the GunPro to turn grey or white. See our Blog to review our customers that have sent us pictures of their 14 year old GunPro! Still working strong! I have used my personal GunPro for 14 years of hard outdoor range, camp and garage weapon cleaning (solvents…). My GunPro continues to perform flawlessly.

The GunPro is less than14 lbs. Once folded up it is distributed over a 3 foot by 4 foot square area. It has a caring handle and it is similar to carrying a brief case. The weight is distributed in such a way that you can lift it by its carrying handle with one finger.

The GunPro is lighter than both wood and metal racks. It will not crack or split with time and extreme outdoor weather conditions. It will not damage the bluing, nor cause rubs on wood that metal racks create. It can be conveniently folded up and transported and stored within seconds. It has no screws or nails that can damage weapons. It is far less expensive than building a wood or welding a metal rack.

The GunPro is designed to have 6 weapons (rifles, tactical or shotguns) on each side simultaneously. That equals to 12 weapons. The barrels are staggered.

Yes – the GunPros A frame design and locking center tray allows the GunPro to be a very stable platform. The GunPro has built in feet with groves that hold the GunPro in place in sandy and rocky soil.

Yes, 12 to be exact.

Yes, 12 to be exact.

Yes, 12 to be exact. No issues from .340 to .22. We’ve tested them all.

The 4 center slots are 2 1/4 inches wide. Any scope that has a bezel of 2 1/4 inches in width can easily fit in the GunPro. The average 3 x 9 hunting scope has a front bezel of 2 inches. The outside end (each side) slots are 2 inches wide.

Yes, but we do not recommend cutting out more then 2  slots per side. We have tested the GunPro with 4 slots cut out to accommodate large scopes, and there was no negative effect on stability and strength.

Yes, and wood will burn, and metal racks could bend the barrel. We recommend and the modification have been successfully made by our customers to line the barrel rests of the GunPro with car engine header tape. The header tape can be screwed in the GunPro and red hot machine gun barrels will have no effect on the plastic.

The GunPro center tray has been tested to 50 lbs. of weight with flexing, but no breaking of the pins. We do not recommend maxing out the center tray with weight. Placing 10-20 lbs. of ammo, gear and pistols is not an issue.

Yes, the sides are interchangeable and can be used to store weapons against a wall… I myself have weapons stored using the GunPro sides. However, they must be secured to the wall and the bottom must have a spacer placed against the wall to assurer the weapons do not fall out. We do not recommend using the GunPro sides for storage. The GunPro was engineered and designed to be a stand alone A frame rack construction.

Yes, IF it is a percussion cap type BlackPowder rifle. I have a .50 Cal Hawkins and it is a perfect fit in any of the slots. However, we recently (January 2018) had a customer return a GunPro, due to his Flintlock Blackpowder did not fit comfortably. It seems that the FlintLock side mechanism will rub on the plastic of the vents. The GunPro was not engineered for Flintlock mechanisms. If you shoot a Flintlock BlackPowder rifle we do not recommend the GunPro.

Yes, 12 to be exact. We have many customers, including myself that will take the GunPro on the RV fishing trip adventure and store all the fishing poles. It is perfect for both fly rods and standard fishing reels.

Yes, all Center Trays and sides are interchangeable. Please see the “Buy Now” functionality.

Yes, our GunPros are Made in the USA, and our inventory is in Denver, CO. At any time AI maintains well over 1000 GunPros in inventory. No issues with lack of inventory. There is never an “Out of Stock” or “Back Ordered” issue. No GunPros are shipped in from a foreign source. We are very proud to be 100% designed, engineered, manufactured, marketed, packaged and shipped in the USA!

Yes. We will support with a 10% discount. Please send us your DD 214, or your City, County or State Tax documents to validate the service connected organization or individual. We are a family owned business. Myself and my son Kurt are both Service Disabled Veterans. We are a designed Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We are very proud to support.

Yes, we have sent GunPros to Afghanistan (US Military), HI, AK…, however, the shipping is very expensive and you will be provided  with the UPS and/ or FedEx charge prior to the shipment.  We do have an UPS and FEDEx corporate account and our rates are as low as they can possibly be. We do not make money off of shipping, we will get you the lowest possible cost. We will add a free gunPro to each pallet shipped, to offset your shipping costs.  There are no COD’s and the delivery costs must be paid prior to the shipment. Please assure you review the “Shipping” instructions on the Home page widget. UPS and FedEx have specific requirements when delivering (dock, unloading, ramp…).

Yes, however, you will need to make slight modifications. Many customers simply put a dowel rod in the barrel, or place a block at the base of the GunPro rack slots to bump up the height of the barrel.

No, the GunPro is designed with a gun barrel black color. This color was chosen for an engineering reason. The black repels heat from ultraviolet light. The GunPro will not fade to a grey in hot AZ type sunshine. It will not crack, nor melt, or get soft. The gun barrel black is the best color (through our field research) to repel heat.

Yes! All will fit the GunPro. My 12, 16, 20 Gauges- Pump, Over and Under, Double and semi all fit – no issues. Please see the Blog or gallery for the proof. We sell to many Shooting Complexes, Trap Clubs, 4H Teams…

NO, the GunPro is one complete unit with no pins, screws, bolts or any other gimmicks.

Only if your in Canada. One of our suppliers is Wolverine Supplies and Outfitters in Canada. In the USA unfortunately the profit margins required of the major sports stores are a non starter for a small business. You would also be surprised that the vast majority of their products are not Made in the USA and are manufactured overseas. You can purchase a rifle rack much cheaper, but be prepared to buy 1 each year. My father always told me, “If you want it bad, new get it bad”. Our GunPro will last a lifetime of typical field use. It is your choice – Buy every other year a cheap piece of junk made overseas for 1/2 the price, or a Made in the USA GunPro Portable Rifle Rack and keep it for years of use.

YES! The M1 and the M14 will fit perfectly in the GunPro. The charging handle fits right into the slots. This is only for the M1 and M14 that do not have large tactical optics/scopes.

Over 10,000 sold since 2001
99% customer satisfaction